Welcome to DP Webs Ltd

At DP Webs we offer you a bespoke web service to give you a professional and easy to navigate website that is designed to meet your company's goals and requirements.

Sites can be from as little as a page to a complex design involving multiple layouts for screens, hand-held devices, print and more. This is all written to a budget that suits your company and is discussed prior to commencement.

E-commerce sites can be developed along with tools to help you manage them alongside your existing stock management systems.

We will develop your site to be accessible to make it easier for people with disabilities to use and specific requirements such as audio styling can be incorporated into the design.

We will conduct thorough testing on your website to ensure compatibility with as many browsers old and new as possible. This ensures that the functionality of your site remains consistent regardless of the technology being used to view it.

Once you are completely happy with the final solution we can deploy it to the web directly or deliver it to you.

Our aim is to make you stand out and show your customers what you can do.

Maintenance of your site

Once you have your website it is important to keep it updated with new content to keep your customers re-visiting your site. New services, interesting facts, articles and such like can all enhance your customers experience.

Making these changes and integrating new content into the site seamlessly can take up much of your valuable time. At DP Webs we can provide an on-going package either as a contract or one-off payments to update and maintain your website.


If you prefer to update your website yourself we can provide training. This is optional from basic text changes on your page to complete web site mangement. Just contact us to discuss your requirements.